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What Conditions Are Termed as Disabilities ?

It is not enough to accommodate disabled individuals in an unfair society by simply believing in the humane principle. There is, therefore, a need to enact laws to sustain them fairly. The laws being in place, we, therefore, go on to identify those who these laws protect.

Below are some of the groups the disability law covers and identifies as those with disabilities.

Physical impairment 

The ability of a physically impaired individual is less than others. Though such a person can perform the duties, there is much hardship and with taking much time than other people. For example, one with a broken or single arm will not lift objects as comfortably as others. Such impairments may be natural or acquired in the course of their lifetime.

The cut suspicious growths

Growths on the skin pose a threat to cancer infection in an individual. It is however worse to leave the growth, causing the need to remove the growth. Such circumstances are also considered disabilities since the person will not be able to perform their functions effectively as expected. The disability law also covers such a person.


Both partial and complete blindness cause one to be identified as disabled. The blind relies on help from visually abled people to satisfy their needs, mostly security needs which are more susceptible to danger. Disability law acts in various states and institutions consider them in many fields, for example, guidelines for their crossing of roads. Blind rods exceptionally identify them.

Injury to the brain

This condition generally includes all post-birth disabilities caused due to damage to the brain. Occurs in circumstances like accidents, infections, or even brain tumors. People whose brain is injured will not perform well in cognition, emotional behavior, and even physical functions. For these reasons and more, this condition is not when classifying disabilities.


One of the toughest conditions to handle is deaf-blindness since one is not only able to hear nor see but also finds it hard to communicate in other ways and take part in societal activities. The lawmakers find it hard to accommodate this condition, but the disability law acts to contain the basis for handling such kinds of individuals within their environment.

Speech impairment

If one loses speech, or people find it hard to understand the individual, such a person is considered disabled in speech. The person should be handled appropriately in a social setting so that the information is understood by the recipient. The employment lawyer toronto acts in place ensure that the right of speech of these people is not denied in any condition.


Beyond humanity toward the disabled, several sectors should ensure that the society follows the rules that govern the rights of these individuals. Careful consideration of such rules automatically promotes fairness to those with disabilities within any setting.