County Employees Welcome New Immigrants From Indonesia and Open Language School

When you decide to join an Indonesian language class, it is common for you as a student to have questions regarding these classes and the programs that different universities can offer. Some of the frequently asked questions include:

What language programs are available?

Depending on the school or the university that you are thinking of joining, most of these language programs tend to cover the beginner levels to the advanced levels. A description of what the different levels or programs contain include:

The fluent communicator program which may last for around 60 hours. In this program, there is the use of passive voice which is very common in the Indonesia language. You are also going to get a free conversation by making use of different sentence structures. There is also going to be the use of complex sentences which may consist of two clauses one of them been a derived verb.

  • The natural communicator program which is also going to last for 60 hours. In this program, you are going to recognize the habits of the society so that you can be able to manage different types of socializations.
  • The exceptional communicator. This program is also going to take a total of 60 hours. It is

    going to involve formal discussions, writing, and presentations. You are also going to learn the language that is used in the news media.

  • The working Indonesian. This program also takes a total of 60 hours and is going to involve you learning different contexts and technical terms that are normally tailored to the needs of the learner.

How long do programs take?

As mentioned above, every level of the programs normally takes around 60 hours.

How many days are the programs going to take?

An intensive program which has at least 6 hours in lesson time per day may need a total of ten days which may be around two weeks. You may be required to be in class from Monday all the way to Friday. In case you are the kind of person who prefers to go for 4 hours per day, then it is advisable that you go for a three-week program.

When does the program start?

Depending on the particular school or university that you are planning to have your www Indo slang Singapore at, the time the programs are going to start may vary. Therefore, it is advisable that you get into contact with the particular school, college or university so that they can be able to give you a schedule that shows you how their programs are going to be and when they will start.

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