What is good tattoo aftercare

Everyone gets to enjoy what they have been dreaming for after they finally get it. Yes that is true. You saw a great tattoo on your favorite artist or in a movie and your heart started racing, your mind cannot stop thinking about and here you are; You have it on you finally. Incredible. First congratulations for making the move. It doesn’t matter where the tattoo is on your skin, it is yours and you want to enjoy it for as long as you can. Let us get back a little, tattooing involves puncturing your skin and applying ink or pigment under the skin. It can be done using machines or some do it manually using needles and other not so great tools but still they get the job done and give you what you have been longing for. 

You got the tattoo and it is new on your skin. You are thinking of showing your unique design to your friends or online date. Not so fast! Your amazing newly designed tattoo needs to be taken care of from the moment you get it until you have finally healed and there is no pain or inflammation at all. 

Failure to undertake good tattoo aftercare steps may turn your best moment to a worst nightmare. I don’t want you to regret getting that tattoo and therefore in this article I will list proven techniques for good tattoo aftercare. 

  • Great tattoo artists will do their job professionally and they won’t leave you doubting whether everything is alright. Applying petroleum jelly, antibiotic ointment and covering your tattoo with a bandage immediately  will help prevent exposure to pathogens. 
  • After a few hours (you can allow up to 24hrs as some experts would advise) remove the covering and gently wash with antibacterial soap using warm water. Use a clean cloth  to pat your skin dry. Apply non perfumed jelly and medicated soap to the tattooed area and this time, do not cover it. 
  • Make sure you wash your tattoo gently everyday using warm water and medicated soap and apply unscented ointment. 
  • The tattoo and the skin around should be moisturized daily. 
  • Remember this process should go on for 2-4 weeks while avoiding tight clothing around your tattoo. 
  • Your tattoo may develop a hard layer that is not worrisome but do not attempt to peel or scratch. 

Hopefully the above steps will make you confident as you embrace your style. 

However, I will be selfish not to tell you the warning signs that may require check-up by your dermatologist. So here we go: 

  • Some rash developing around your tattoo area. 
  • A fever-Although this may be by other causes, it still needs to be checked ( you don’t want to be sick before you show off) 
  • Pus forming in your tattoo area. 
  • Increasing pain- Pain should be subsiding as the tattoo heals but if the opposite happens then something may be wrong somewhere. 

Just to mention; most tattoo infections are caused by bacteria and viruses. You need to follow the above good tattoo aftercare steps to prevent those two enemies.  click here for tattoos in Vancouver