New indoor playgrounds vs. old are great for children of all ages, especially those that require a cool, calm, and controlled environment and provide children with a safe playing ground that is well-lightened with less or no sharp edges. It also ensures supervision by an adult when the children are playing. In contrast, old indoor playgrounds were not providing management for children while playing with no proper lighting and uncontrolled sharp edges. The new indoor garden also has improved playing equipment that enhances children’s creativity compared to the old indoor playground, which had less playing equipment that was inconvenient to the children. At Orca kids indoor playground, we can take your idea and bring it to life or choose from our extensive library of custom designed plans by our team of experts. 

Given the numerous advantages of an indoor playground, people should consider installing one in their home or school for the reasons listed below;

Benefits of indoor playground 

  1. It provides a safe place for children to play when the weather conditions are not safe for playing outside or when it’s unsafe out and is portable and fun for both children and adults.
  2. The indoor playground allows kids to identify and nature their creativity by using the playing equipment that will enable them to build and design while playing, thus exploring their imaginative minds.
  3. It enables children to develop good social relationships with other children, thus enabling them to interact with people around them and preparing them to have good relationships as adults.
  4. It enables children and parents to spend quality time together. Parents spend quality time with their children without worrying about the weather and see the different ways they can have a great relationship with their children.
  5. It facilitates physical exercise and hands-on learning. The indoor playground vs. old provides an engaging, fun environment for children to be active while playing physical games such as dancing, jumping, sliding down the slides, and climbing up an obstacle. This factor will also provide children with learning space by getting their hands on new experiences such as cooking and gardening.
  6. It also consists of fun activities that appeal to all kids. It consists of necessary equipment such as an air conditioner, clean drinking water, and food that enables children to feel safe as if they are playing in their backyard.


The new indoor playground vs. the old is convenient and beneficial to both children and parents. It enables parents to teach their children to be independent and explore creativity while enjoying themselves. It also allows kids to develop good social skills such as listening and following instructions when interacting with their fellow kids. All in all, it enables parents to spend quality time with their children, thus strengthening their relationship and bond.